• Do You believe in Giving back to Society?
  • Have you always wanted to giveback … BUT, did not know where to start?
  • Have you always wanted to give back … BUT, somehow could not find the time?
  • Have you always wanted to give back … BUT, did not know whether You alone could make a difference?
  • Have you always wanted to give back … BUT, were residing far away from your home community?
If you always wanted to give back to society, but for some reason or another were inhibited from doing so, the Rotary eClub of Pune might be for you.

We are a bunch of professionals from around the world, who are committed to giving back to society. Together, with the power of Rotary, we believe that we can make a positive impact to the communities we live in. Join us, and you will have the opportunity to join hands and network with citizens from all around the globe, at the mere click of the mouse or the flick of the finger.

How We Operate

A Rotary eClub is in all respects similar to a regular Rotary club, with one major difference – there is no weekly physical meeting place. Instead, members have the liberty to attend meetings online at their own convenience during the week. Each week, on a chosen day of the week, meetings are hosted on the club website. Similar to a regular Rotary meeting, a topic or a speaker is chosen. Members can view the talk anytime in the next 7 days and mark their attendance online – participation in the meetings through online questions or comments guarantees positive attendance. Members may access the site at their convenience at any point during the week. The eClub also conducts a live session once a month on Google Hangout where members and guests are encouraged to join. If the members so choose, they can enjoy a fellowship wherein they attend the meeting together (virtually) at a chosen location and time.